You’ll Do Anything For Him: A New Relationship

I was seconds away from giving into the false belief that something is wrong with my self. That I am not ok and being me isn’t ok. MH put things so clearly and eerily accurate it might as well have been the biography of my life. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. And thank you I Do Podcast for having her on your show!
- Jenny Gibson

I found this book in a magazine and since i was going through a lot,emotionally i thought "I'll have to read this" so i did. And as i read,i understood so much about myself,my past, and evyday decisions. It makes so much sense,it helped me understand so much when it comes to relationships. If i didnt experience everything that was said in the book,i probably would say "ugh, relationship experts" but i have been through it all and its all too real. Im really amazed.
- flowerlylovergirl

I definitely needed to write a review for this book... It was short and straight to the point. It definitely spoke to me! Most people have this problem in life and this book explains why we act in a certain way. I am definitely sharing this book with my loved ones because I believe everyone needs to read it! Thank you Maureen E Hosier
- Skylar Berkus

The book helped me see the reasons I need control in my relationships with my wife and my sons. The book makes a convincing argument and I look forward to examining all my actions using its insight
- Mark F. Logan

You’ll Do Anything For Him challenges the romantic rubbish of two becoming one, the “one-person relationship trap” where you give up “more and more of your self to be with someone you love.” It isn’t difficult to see how cliche romance leads to this one-person relationship and all too often unnecessary emotional damage. Yet the authors are able to do so without disrespecting the needs of readers, without laying blame, and without creating unreasonable techniques for readers to embrace.
For anyone concerned with their current relationship or looking to figure out what went amiss in past ones,
You’ll Do Anything For Him are useful texts that may set the foundation for more satisfying future relationships.
- Daniel Casey

When I initially saw how tiny this book was (it’s only 79 pages), I felt a bit underwhelmed and worried that the book wouldn’t deliver on its promise. As I quickly worked my way through this book, however, I was really pleased with how succinctly and still quite thoroughly the writers tackled the difficult subject matter.
Being in a one-sided relationship is a difficult thing, especially when you aren’t aware of the toxicity that exists between the two of you. But this book does a fantastic job of giving readers the questions and insights needed to process this problem on their own—and that was my favorite part of it. Rather than write about how some people will inevitably find themselves in negative and oftentimes abusive relationships as a result of what they became accustomed to as a child, and then try to sell readers on her own psychological treatment services, the book never goes there. The focus is always on helping the reader identify the problem, acknowledge that something needs to be done, and then provides actionable tips in the end on what to do to fix it.
Very well written and easy to read (despite the questions themselves often being hard to swallow), I’d recommend this book to anyone who’s ever been in a toxic relationship—with family, friends, or lovers.

- Stephanie Chandler

I am a psychologist and this has been the perfect book to give to clients who lose themselves in relationships.
The book is well-written, jargon free, and taps into the wishes, hopes,and fantasies of starting a romantic relationship, only to find oneself repeating a style of relating learned in childhood - a "One-Person Relationship" - in which one sacrifices his/her needs and feelings in order to please and not be abandoned by the other.
It not only helps readers identify their pattern of relating and where it evolves from in family dynamics, but it also shows readers how to break out of this maladaptive "One-Person" style of relating and learn to safeguard their sense of self by taking risks to express thoughts and feelings in a "Two-Person" style of relating.
This book does an excellent job of showing readers how to honor their thoughts and feelings while simultaneously listening to and acknowledging the thoughts and feelings of their partners. It also advises readers on what to do when their partners are incapable of respecting their thoughts and feelings.
I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling to be heard in a relationship. It is the perfect book for all therapists to have on their bookshelves to give to clients.

- Psych Dr.

This book can easily be read in one sitting and I will refer to again and again in the future. It resonates with my experience in a previous relationship and it can benefit my current relationship. The point at which I found the most help was regarding my family of origin. It helped me understand how my relationship with my "important parent" has influenced other relationships in my life. I appreciate the straightforward approach and the non-judgmental attitude of these authors. It is beautiful that these two sisters have collaborated on such an insightful and practical volume!
- Lois Edwardian

Finally, a beautifully written and concise book that makes it clear that problems and solutions to relationship pain is not "the other". It is much easier to heal and change if the work is an "inside" job and this book potently provides the information needed to be free and happy in any relationship.
Most illuminating is that the work is in the mirror and begins with the self. Mystery solved and what is left is practice and making new neural pathways in small but fruitful steps forward. One will never regret reading this book. Thank you!

- Dr. Leslie

It's a unique book, both in content and writing style, where the authors explore the various dynamics of a relationship.
What stands out about the book is the authors’ approach to solving issues without putting any labels on people. The writing style is lucid yet offbeat. It engages readers immediately. Any follow-up book with this would be a complete hit.

- The Moving Words Review

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