You'll Do Anything For Her: A New Relationship Perspective

Going into this read, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Yes, I’ve read the description as well as the official OnlineBookClub review, but still couldn’t get a handle as to what I was about to read. What came was something special and memorable.
Sisters Dr. Maureen E. Hosier and Berta Hosier Conger, both of who studied psychology and have their PhDs, have gathered their thoughts together to create an extremely cohesive and realistic self-help book. Dr. Maureen Hosier stated in this book, her and her sister had several sessions where they didn’t necessarily see eye-to-eye on certain aspects, but were able to collect their thoughts in order to write this non-fiction. It is very clear from this well-written piece that the two put a lot of thought and care in order to reach out to their audience.
The content luckily doesn’t apply to me, but I can see it helping many out there in one-sided relationships. What’s great about this work is that there is this version and another, You’ll Do Anything for Him, to reach out to both genders.
Both sisters claim that much of why one person gives so much to his/her partner with little to no reciprocation is due to the upbringing. Parents, guardians, caretakers who become the dominant one in a relationship tend to teach their children to not share their opinions and thoughts, and therefore teaching those children to potentially hold a similar relationship when a partner is found in the future.
The writing is positive, encouraging, and extremely realistic. The authors don’t give the illusion that even after reading this book, the relationship will be fixed. It takes two to create a healthy relationship and if one doesn’t want to change or adjust, then the relationship may not work out and it is time to move on.
I would recommend this to those who are in or have been in a one-sided relationship and would like a bit of guidance and/or reflection.

- Heidi N.

Just finding this book lets me know that I'm growing and understand things about myself! At 57 years young I learn more about my childhood and happier with the knowledge.
- Theresa

You’ll Do Anything For Her challenges the romantic rubbish of two becoming one, the “one-person relationship trap” where you give up “more and more of your self to be with someone you love.” It isn’t difficult to see how cliche romance leads to this one-person relationship and all too often unnecessary emotional damage. Yet the authors are able to do so without disrespecting the needs of readers, without laying blame, and without creating unreasonable techniques for readers to embrace.
For anyone concerned with their current relationship or looking to figure out what went amiss in past ones, You’ll Do Anything For Her are useful texts that may set the foundation for more satisfying future relationships.

- Daniel Casey

I am a psychologist and this has been the perfect book to give to clients who lose themselves in relationships.
The book is well-written, jargon free, and taps into the wishes, hopes,and fantasies of starting a romantic relationship, only to find oneself repeating a style of relating learned in childhood - a "One-Person Relationship" - in which one sacrifices his/her needs and feelings in order to please and not be abandoned by the other.
It not only helps readers identify their pattern of relating and where it evolves from in family dynamics, but it also shows readers how to break out of this maladaptive "One-Person" style of relating and learn to safeguard their sense of self by taking risks to express thoughts and feelings in a "Two-Person" style of relating.
This book does an excellent job of showing readers how to honor their thoughts and feelings while simultaneously listening to and acknowledging the thoughts and feelings of their partners. It also advises readers on what to do when their partners are incapable of respecting their thoughts and feelings.
I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling to be heard in a relationship. It is the perfect book for all therapists to have on their bookshelves to give to clients.

- R. Petterson

I wrote the review for "You'll Do Anything for Him," which is basically the same book but for a different gender reader.
I loved this book! Its words read like having a conversation with a wise friend who has your best interest at heart. The book addresses the fundamental issues that go wrong in a relationship, and this applies to romantic relationships but it can also apply to any relationships, including friendships and family dynamic.
The best part is that you get to reflect and consider what doesn't work, and what you can do differently so a relationship can be healthy, productive and loving. I highly recommend this to anyone in a relationship. I certainly recommended it to my friends.

- Diana Paget

The authors are handing people and therapists an excellent guide to understand and heal the pain that comes when one loses one's self in a relationship. The special approach that this book has is its ability to convey truly deep psychological understandings in simple and readable form. This is a real plus because sometimes people give-up reading a book because they get lost in jargon and concepts -- then their issues go unaddressed. I find that their suggestions are very clear and workable and hope that anyone suffering in a relationship take a look at this book. I have a doctorate in psychology and plan to recommend this valuable book it to my patients.

A pragmatic, focused and clear guide to solving repetitive painful relationship problems. I have read it three times and plan to read it more, not because it is difficult to understand, but rather because it is so useful and clear that I don't want to forget any of it. There is not one wasted word.
It is like finding water in a 40 year relationship desert. Thank you Dr. Hosier for putting years of therapeutic thoughts and intervention in a user friendly guide. I am grateful.

- Dr. Leslie

Poignant and to the point. A lot of thought provoking information in a very fast read. I suggested to my daughter that its a must read for her as she is entering a serious stage in a new relationship. Everyone from time to time needs to stop and really analyzed there relationships with their significant others and what affect it has on their own self worth and identity. Especially if they are filling unfufilled.
- Amazon Customer

With every simple, short sentence, you’ll feel a deep impact that will invite you to reflect on what you’re going through. This book has few pages, but it packs way more content in its pages than 400-page “save your marriage” miracle guides. There are no miracles or fail-proof promises in You’ll Do Anything  for Her – the reader gets embraced by the psychology of self-discovery and takes on a journey to find oneself to notice what they want to live in their relationship. The knowledge the reader can get from it will be helpful not only to romantic relationships but pretty much any relationship – the authors even say the experience of authoring the book together was an excellent exercise for what they propose in their words.
- The Moving Words Review