You'll Do Anything for Him

A new perspective on relationships emerges as you learn about your "self" and why you're driven to do anything to please your partner. You will learn you have fallen in love with someone who you unconsciously "know" will focus on their own needs and feelings to the exclusion of yours. 

You'll Do Anything for Him
The story of

Dr. Maureen E. Hosier

Maureen E. Hosier Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist in Los Angeles, helping individuals to improve their self-esteem and self-confidence in romantic, family, workplace, and social relationships.

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You'll Do Anything for Him


You'll Do Anything for Her

"Finally, a beautifully written and concise book that makes it clear that problems and solutions to relationship pain is not "the other". It is much easier to heal and change if the work is an "inside" job and this book potently provides the information needed to be free and happy in any relationship."

- Dr. Leslie

"The book helped me see the reasons I need control in my relationships with my wife and my sons. The book makes a convincing argument and I look forward to examining all my actions using its insight"

- Mark F. Logan

"It's a unique book, both in content and writing style, where the authors explore the various dynamics of a relationship.
What stands out about the book are the authors’ approach to solving issues without putting any labels on people. The writing style is lucid yet offbeat. It engages readers immediately. Any follow-up book with this would be a complete hit."

- The Moving Book

"Poignant and to the point. A lot of thought provoking information in a very fast read. I suggested to my daughter that its a must read for her as she is entering a serious stage in a new relationship. Everyone from time to time needs to stop and really analyzed there relationships with their significant others and what affect it has on their own self worth and identity. Especially if they are filling unfulfilled."

- Amazon Customer